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Saying a final goodbye

Laurel, I just want to thank you for today. You were so professional and yet at times so vulnerable. Thankyou so much.

Dale, Brian, Lesley & Gary

December 2015


Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of life’s saddest events. And, for most of us it’s not something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. A Funeral or Memorial service is a final act of love for the person who has passed and should be a consoling and memorable time for the family and friends who are grieving. 

It is a rite of passage in which family members and those close to the deceased respectfully honour their life, relationships and achievements. It’s a time for them to say their goodbyes, and finalise in their minds the fact that death has happened and that their loved one is gone. 

My role as a Funeral Celebrant is to work closely with the family, assisting and enabling them to provide a ceremony that meets with their wishes, in which they are meaningfully involved. As well as reflecting their values, traditions and preferences and which honours the loved one who has passed.